What is Social Hauling?

Social Hauling – Given our personal experiences moving from apartment to apartment or hauling furniture back home (which always resulted in bugging friends incessantly for help or overspending on a truck rental), we wanted to create a movement that made the moving process friendly, simple, fun, and community-oriented. We like […]

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The Social Hauling Experience

It was because of our own holy-moly-moving-is-the-worst-thing-in-the-world experiences that we created Buddytruk and aimed to take Social Hauling (community-oriented hauling and moving) mainstream. We hated having to bug friends to help us move or spend ungodly amounts of money for a short-term truck rental. All of which bring us to […]

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First Official Blog Post

As city-dwellers and recent college graduates, we know how difficult it can be to move from apartment to apartment or bring home furniture that just doesn’t fit in a small car. Furthermore, we know that using traditional moving and hauling companies can be costly and stressful. Which is exactly why we […]